Volunteer Section Rules, and Purpose

Volunteer Section Rules, and Purpose

Postby Zero Sheenk » Mon Dec 12, 2016 4:42 am

Welcome. To all who choose to visit this section.

I would like to extend this offer, as we all do our best to engage our passions of this fine art, be it simply for fun, or as a foreseeable future. This section is simply for those of us who have both the desire, and time to teach. As we can all remember a time where writing anything of value was difficult, those who choose to post their name in this section will be given the Mentor tag, and be held to a standard above the average member in the sense that you will be ensuring all those whom request your help as given the tools they need to excel in their own works. As this is a friendly, and formal setting I would like to ask that those of you who decide to undertake this humble task do so in the faith that the deed will be returned to us in a work of art that our own minds should count fortunate enough to see.


Now as you are to be held to a higher standard this means.

1: You are expected to be respectful.

2: Patience is required.

3: You are expected to present constructive criticism.

4: The title Mentor is not a badge to hold over others. It can be taken away.

5: Have fun, as a community all members in this group are a foundation on which we may build upon.

Thank you for your time. Thank you all who sign up.
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