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Trux Aeternum Codex

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As this thread was discussed all those involved already know about what is going on. On to needed info.


Spoiler: show
Units made from a base component, and given animation via a small crystal, or through crystalline dust. Both are enchanted by the Ascendancy of Mythos itself, and sold at high prices. The greater the concentration of the crystal known as Espalum. The greater the power available to the golem itself. Great Doll makers often use large amounts of Espalum dust to make their creations as lifelike as possible.

Degraded Espalum dust is often used in more distant towns, and villages. It is both unstable, and provides temporary results that tend to lead to unreliable units. Repairs made with this dust should not be counted upon, and is often frowned upon.

These living dolls have become a household item in our daily walks of live, and even fight on the borders. They take on many forms, but most resemble humans. They are dependable, and only need to be fueled by a renewed source of Espalum once power has been depleted. Low grade golems have a working time span of roughly eight days. High grade golems have a working time span of roughly three months.


A gift given to man by the creatoress Inkog. This deity at the dawn of man selected a single bloodline to be the protectors of their entire race. Through the ages the blood spread far, and wide. However, only a few develope the ability to use the gift. Ranging greatly in the forces it can deal out, the most common type is Runic magic. This type is a simple carving etched into an everyday item, and has a set number of charges. (imagine a small rectangle box to be held in a hand. Two runes placed inside, and a lever to activate both. Once active the runes produce a flame. Such as an everyday lighter.)

Spoken Magic is less common, and is more associated with curses, and the like. Lacking in power to that of runic, spoken magic must be taught over a lifetime. It is not limited to a single effect as runic is.

Birth Magic is the base element the user can use. It is the limiting factor in what any caster may do outside of Runic, or Spoken. A fire mage may only be able to summon fire through their entire life, but may be able to call forth a small imp with the right spell weaving.

Spell Weaving Magic is a series of glyphs that are needed to perform summonings, large area of effect casting, or even to set a base set of actions to any item. These are used to set traps, make an item move, and so on.

Enchanting Magic like spoken magic, must be taught. Through a series of both runic, and spell weaving one can make an item such as a sword sap the very life from any creature hit by the blade.

Magic can only be used by those who are gifted, and because there is a danger to it the Ascendancy of Mythos has the authority to take children from their homes, and raise them under the care of its watchful eye. This is only done with children who show the ability for the craft.

Ascendancy of Mythos

An order established by the High King himself centuries ago. In an attempt to keep the growth of magic governed, and in hand. The AoM as stated takes children from their homes at early ages, to avoid hurting both parent, and child. It is common knowledge that those with magic in their blood can be a great threat to fellow humans. In all twelve holds of the kingdom of Drasil, there is an enclave that governs as the lawful hand in dealings with magic.


The largest kingdom in the known world. With the capital being built over several connecting laylines, and focal points of the world this kingdom is rich in mythical energies. Production is the nation's greatest asset, and boasting a large military power, is capable of buffing out of several wars that were to happen in the past few decades. Having twelve holds in total, and spanning a distance of over five thousand miles across at the widest point. The kingdom of Drasil is the figurehead of power in the known world.



Known as the creatress, and holder of balance, and judgement throughout the entire universe. Inkog has long throughout history had dealing with mankind, and sees them as a young race with great potential. Whereas, the entity that makes its home in her shadow Qalex, is known for the discord, and evil throughout the universe. It was she who tainted the hearts of man kind as to have them weighed in the scales of purity held by Inkog herself.

Both are as one, and are in direct opposition to each other. Where one breathes life, the other brings the chill of death. During worship of Inkog it is often common practice to honor Qalex as well, so not to incur her wrath. Both may act independently, but will through all eternity walk with each other. They are often depicted as a beautiful maiden clothed in elegant robes, while a darkened form claws into the ground.

Vertoc The Serpent of Flame

Son of Inkog. This divine entity came to be during the birth of the first flame. Vertoc, is known for his rage, and direct methods in dealings with nature. This deity rules over all aspects or fire. Praised for the warmth he brings, while feared for the destruction he may cause at a moment's notice. Often he is depicted as a enormous cobra like serpent made of white hot flame.

Crestela The Flow of Life

Daughter of Inkog. Crestela, came to be when the first drop of water formed in the cold vacuum of space. Known for her patience, and gentle nature. She rules over all aspects of water, and ice. As without water life would cease. Praised for the life she brings, while feared during the periods where she withdraws. Often depicted as a woman with scales, and fins with long free flowing hair.

Tel Ompa The Great Supporter

Son of Inkog. Born as the first dusts began to gather. Tel Ompa, is known for his calm, and peaceful nature. He rules over all aspects of the earth. Praised for the ground we stand upon, and grow our food from. He is feared for his quiet anger, but is not known for his outbursts. Often depicted as a large turtle, wearing the world as a shell.

Zenorus The Tempest of Change

Daughter of Inkog. Born as the first blast of existence pushed all other particles in every direction. Zenorus is known for being curious, and adventurous as she is always moving about the world. Thought to be the reason for the changing of seasons, she rules every aspect of the wind. Praised for bringing renewal, and feared for her sudden violent outbursts. Often depicted as a women, with large wings, and hair that is thick, and long enough to cover most of her body, when not blowing loosely in whatever direction she chooses to head towards.

Mestolva The Defiler

Son/Daughter of Qalex. Born during the creation of the universe, once the first light was blocked, and the first absence of space was formed. Mestolva is known for plots, and its tricks. It rules over all aspects of darkness, and space. While not being truly evil, Mestolva is known for attempting to drive one away from Inkog, and into your own dark desires. Praised for the trials it tests mortals with, and feared for how far it can make one fall. Mestolva is depicted as a being dressed in a cover of darkness, and inhuman features, as it stands supported by eight spine like legs, with several sets of arms all ending in five clawed hands.


In the early years of man, when the universe was still young, and life was being to spring up Inkog looked to the whole of creation, and saw a blight which would threaten all that she had made. This blight was the joining of the elements, and the birthing of new deities into existence. This set ill with the creatoress, and so she began to seek the removal of such beings.

To keep balance Inkog did attempt to hear these new deities, and wished to be civil. However, they soon began to compete for power, and even attempted to up root her children from their positions. War in sued, between the new comers, who worked not to maintain balance, unlike those who who had come before them.

As the war waged on, the new comers began to appeal to the mortals, and gain their favor. At first the true gods saw this as little more than trivial. That was until the lesser gods began to build power through a linking of souls. The spiritual essence gathered by these followers proved to be troublesome, as the Dimi-gods grew in strength. Due to the numbers, and growing strength of the Dimi-Gods, Qalex saw it best to step in.

At the height of the war, Qalex saw fit to do what her other half thought to be too cruel. She too her fight to those of the highest power, and made example of them. Not being able to create from nothing like Inkog, Qalex choose to work within the very limits of known laws to seal these beings away. Using the very essence of the universe to make a prison with magic to forever cast these false gods screaming into the abyss.

Several fought Qalex, but could not stand to her brutal methods, save a handful. Baal Teslum was one such deity. Their struggle waged for centuries, until with a helping hand from Inkog the fight was over turned. This however has exhausted the bastions of both of their powers, leaving both Inkog, and Qalex drained sending them into a state of slumber.

The true Gods saw it best to elect champions to act in their stead, as entering the mortal world would reduce their powers greatly. They choose to make themselves known, as to build their own strength, and that of their slumbering mother. Who left Vertok, her chosen guardian with a ritual for waking her when the time was right.

All was well until the True Gods saw that they were no longer invincible. With Inkog's influence no longer in effect, their life spans were indeed infinite, but they could be harmed. Due to this, they withdrew from the realm of man, and his away in their own elements.

This caused great distrust between the children of Inkog, and they began to squabble amongst themselves, each feeling that they should have the ownership of the ritual. In turn this lead to a power struggle that now holds true in the world. Each attempting to over take the others. While their champions hold peace over the world, and insure that their gods are honored.

Eitous The Flame Tongue

Ino The Ice Bane

Enuf of The Earth

Henomi The Graceful Tempest

Amastova The Witch of Blight
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Krila Että Iska
Spoiler: show

Weight: 135


Gender: Female

Appearance: Her eyes are a bright tree leaf green. She has beautifully long and wavy hair, chestnut brown being the main see able color with tiny streaks of a cherry blossom red that is able to be seen up close. The skin along her body slightly darkened from the harsh nips of the blazing sun. Along her face tiny freckles layer her sun kissed skin. The garments she wears consist of a long midnight neon purple cloak, short sleeve worn white shirt, and long dirt splattered torn at the knee jeans. Her feet rest on the cold rock hard ground with thin home made sandals her mother had made her.

Patron God/Goddess: Zenorus (Goddess)

Element: Wind


Compressed Tempests: By bending the air, and forcing it into a current, a small, yet powerful rotation may be achieved. This rotation itself is powerful enough to sling arrows, or other projectiles off course, causing them to increase in rate of travel. Wind resistance on physical attacks be it a weapon, or body, are forced askew in the direction of the rotation. Thus making a small six inch sized sphere into a powerful deflection based shield. max of 3 at current time.

Short Comings: Often out of tune with the world. Has a horrible habit of trusting no one and trying to stay away from people. She tends to take care of everyone before herself usually going over her limit for time to time. She dislikes being in large groups unless she's performing or fighting. Her emotions put her at a disadvantage when it comes to other people so she tends not to show much emotion except when people she knows are around.

Bio: When she was little her family lived in a small house with seven bedrooms. Six of the rooms held her siblings. Four of the rooms held two of eight twins with each group of twins being a year apart. The oldest of the group who is not a twin and who is Krila's big brother for she was the youngest at 6 years old. His name is Kalag (in Cebuano) Sa (also in Cebuano) Iska (in Hausa). Around this small house was a medium sized farm were they raised cattle like sheep, cows, chickens, pigs, and horses. The farm had small patches of edible fruits and veggies, apples, pears, oranges, carrots, beans, lattes, potatoes, tomatoes, and broccoli.

The family also lived next to a pack of wolves and a couple of bear dens. Her family's house was in the middle of no were, the next town being ten miles away. Her mother and father warned all ten of them of how dangerous the out side world was but to not give up on what they wanted to do in life. Krila was a curious girl and wanted to learn a lot from her mother which included sowing, cooking, cleaning, gardening, writing, reading, and drawing. She wanted to learn them all and her mother was happy to teach her. Her father often took them on hunting trips and taught her everything she would need to survive if need be. Krila was a very smart child who could examine a lot in a short amount of time and learn it. She needed to for if something where to happen to her family she wouldn't know what to do.

Krila always loved animals and nature itself for if not for the large over barring forest that had given protection for many years she would probably have liked living anywhere else. She often played in the forest with the many wild untamed animals that Mother Nature had sent to the beautiful unmaintained Forest. The wolves were her first companions that she had befriended by being constantly beside them always keeping a safe distance. Her father often hunting in the forest told her on one of there hunts to be weary of both the wolves and the bears. He often hunted deer, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, and other small woodlen creatures for meat. Krila was always warned of the dangers in the forest and to always tread lightly for it could very well be her last walk through the tall dark greenery. She had once gotten attacked by a bear which left four large gashes running along her stomach. The wolves saved her that day and brought her parents to her after attacking one of the families live stock which the wolves had never done before.

Her parents forbade her to go back into the forest on that same day. The pack of wolves missing the tiny girls company moved there pack right up next to Krila's home on her 8th birthday. Her life was happy and filled with love and compassion. For the next 7 years it would be like this. The mother and the father teaching all ten of there children with some wanting to go to the city while others wanted to stay at home and build there own houses.

But that never happened and never will. Two months after Krila's birthday while she was outside not to far away from the house within eyes view a scream was heard. Krila was playing with the wolves but she spun around her eyes locking on her house. A pack of twenty-seven angry adult wolves with the exception of seven pups had there eyes trained on her house. Her house was still for a bit no screams but a sense of dread crept up her spin it was so quite that a pin could drop and she would hear it. She started to walk towards her home but was stopped when she felt a semi strong tug on her shirt. Turning her head and half her body around her eyes where meet with a wolf she had known ever since she was small. Her green eyes meet with deep sea blue ones then everything went black.

Magnus Igni'os
Spoiler: show
Age: 17

Weight: 180

Height: 5,9

Gender: male

Patron god: Vertoc

Element: fire


Ignition Drive: Temporarily passing a fragment of his spirit into an object, Magnus is able to imbue the element of fire into inanimate objects of his choosing. Potency is determined by the object itself, however this makes rocks into small gunpowder like explosives, while making his sword able to leave wounds that are laced with liquid fire. While having to make direct skin contact to work, The ability is all based on his skill in controlling his own spirit. As focus is lost, so to is his control. Being unable to recall his own spirit over long periods of time could in itself leave him weakened. While at the current point in time Magnus is able to do this with a single object, if he is able to master control, he may find he can do more with this gift.

Short comings: anger

Bio: Hailing from the provenance of Arõn, Magnus was among many a survivor of the Mortui Ambulant (See codex entry). During this siege lead by powerful mancers, his parents, village, and future life of peace were all stolen from him at the age of eight. Having seen family, and friend alike mauled, and divided like bread by horrific abominations would become his driving force in his later years. Having been taught swordsmanship by a knight of the Order of Inkog (see codex entry), Magnus spent his days as a sword for hire. Be it bandit, animal, or undead he made a name for himself in his distant travels throughout Drasil, and the Northlands. Though try as he might, Magnus was still haunted by the horrors in his childhood. This lead to a pledge to rid the world of the undead, and those who practiced the art of Necromancy. In some small way he was able to extract revenge when a necromancer of the Mortui Ambulant surfaced. This powerful foe was intending to flee from Drasil in secret, but was discovered, and eventually forced into a corner by the Order of Inkog. The corner being that of the Marsh of Drunfer (See Codex Entry). Fearing ambush, the Order formed a perimeter, and waited for word from the Archbishop. During which time Magnus had been contacted by his former mentor. While the Order waited, the two began a daring march, into the marshes. As a near death battle ensued the two found themselves backed against into a corner themselves by both the vial summoner, and his minions. Having to suffer lose once more as his mentor gave his life so that Magnus would have a shot at the spellcaster, Magnus would later gather a fair bit of renown for the deed of beheading the foe. The Order would reward him with requests for dealings in the undying, and his troubles for work seemed few. Even as a war waged on the borders, Magnus was able to make a name for himself.

Rhoda Forgehert
Spoiler: show
Age: 16

Weight: 105 LBS

Height: 5' 5"

Gender: Female

Appearance: Chestnut semi-long hair, which hangs to mid back. Often kept in a loosely kept pony tail. Being from a larger village, and having to earn her own place in the household, she is of thin build. Little fat, but lightly muscled from helping her father in the town's smithing forge. While this left her dirtied most days, the charm of her soft looks did not fade. Appealing to some, her biggest trait were her Emerald Green eyes. Which seemed to glisten when caught in any light. Small of frame, and of body she has been mistaken for a young lad with a womanly face. Rhoda does what she can to appear her gender, however she is known to have a tomboyish air to her.

Patron God/Goddess: Tel Ompa The Great Supporter

Element: Earth


Short Comings: Often mistaken for a boy, Stubborn, Lofty Dreamer, Naive.

Ryva Forgehert
Spoiler: show
Age: Fourteen

Weight: 126 lbs

Height: 5'7

Gender: Female


Standing taller than her sister and with something of a more broad frame, Ryva attempts to mingle being 'fair' of appearance with the 'hearty' nature imparted to her by genetics. Assisting in this more 'stocky' visage is the recent sundering of her baby-fat from her body; replaced by compact muscle, given her avid attention and insistence on assisting her father around the forge.

Her hair is dangerously flirtatious with being black, despite its deep auburn undertones, dangling down to her mid-back; often unkempt, aside from being tied back in a loose ponytail, her bangs by design obscure Ryva's eyes. When her eyes can be seen they are a pale hazel that is dominated by green; much akin to moss growing up from pond-side mud. They are usually half-lidded, giving Ryva something of a sleepy or disinterested look about her; despite what can be seen sometimes roiling within their depths.

The younger Forgehert sister is usually covered in soot and ash, or singed, wearing simple clothing; a gray tunic and brown trousers, accompanied by a sturdy pair of boots.

Patron Goddess: Crestela

Element: Water


• ???

Short Comings:

•Mercurial Moods (tend to shift without warning)

•Serious Disposition (accompanying Mercurial Moods, this can make Ryva combative and even vengeful at times)

•Morose Philosopher (thinks of things in grim, rather stark terms)

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Burning Sands





Marsh of Drunfer

Sal' Narga
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Ascendancy of Mythos

Bloodline of Eltok


Expulsion of Falsehood

Spoiler: show
The "holy" war of the Order of Inkog (See Codex Entry). Operating under its own law that exceed those of allied nations, the OoI wages its own war with those it sees as unjust, and those who it feels worship false gods. Even those who follow the children of Inkog which by many are see as true gods are not beyond judgement. They travel to distant lands in the name of the crusade, and while doing good in some areas, have destroyed just as many cultures. The main goal of the Expulsion of Falsehood is to root out the worship of demi-gods in all lands.

Fae Rot

Spoiler: show
This plague was first seen twenty years ago, during the Mortui Ambulant (See Codex Entry). The illness itself is one based in magic. A plague born of a curse as the AoM would call it. Fae Rot infects those who have a weakened will, and spirit. Once infected the victim's health will drastically decrease. First through rejection of food, only allowing them to drink. Second, by weakening them, the plague ensures it draws in more victims, as loved ones are forced to tend to the infected. Third, areas of the body become distorted, and bark like in appearance. Four, before the final stages set in, the person begins to have fever dreams, often in which they are visited by the source of the curse. In the final stages, those infected become a beacon to others in the area.Infecting any with a weakened will, and spirit from watching those they care about waste away, and lose the ability to even have their last words granted to them.

Fae Rot generally only takes two weeks to claim a life, has a high mortality rate, and has no cure. The AoM has set into place quarentens for those who are infected to keep the plague from spreading. It is believed to have been started by the necromancers, in an atempt to break morale. Those infected if they are unable to recover on their own will, have no hope of seeing those they once loved again, as their bodies will be cleansed by flames, and ashes scattered to the winds.



Mortui Ambulant

Spoiler: show
Translating to "Dead Walk", this was one of the more disturbing uprisings in recent Drasilian history. Due to the nature of necromancers, and the oppression that surrounds them, the Necromancers were bound to revolt when the death order from the AoM was first given less than twelve years ago. This order was that any, and all of the vile spellcasters were to be hunted down, so that their corruption could no longer spread. This resulted in those who practiced their arts in secret to be drug screaming into the light when discovered. Their orders, and cults began to form alliances for added protection. They moved out of towns, and into the underground, but this did little to ease their torment. Backs against the wall they began to push back. The more powerful of the forces would raise whole armies, from graveyards, tombs, and former battlegrounds. The battles saw victories in large part to the Necromances. As they began to draw upon the more forbidden teachings to show they would not quietly fade into the dark.

Towns were raided for troops, and to provide test subjects for new spells. Their armies could be seen on the march from miles away, as just like the golems that marched against them, the undead needed to rest, nor had fear, but with every victory these undead blights would grow in force. Their goal was to uproot the AoM, and cast away the chains of their oppression. Villages were told to flee their lands, tombs were sealed the best they could manage at the time, in hopes of denying this force troops. This continued until the Order of Inkog (See Codex Entry) returned a large force from their crusade in the form of the Expulsion of Falsehood (See Codex Entry). This was the turning point of the war, as the Order was able to release those raisen with but holy words, their weapons blessed proved far greater than that of anything the necromancer army could muster, and as their forces began to be pushed back, those who were seen as unholy became desperate. Turning to the oldest deity in their religion Baal Teslum. They found artifacts of the old god, in hopes of pushing back the OoI. This fight would meet a stalemate until the Drasilian Spell Breakers (See Codex Entry) were released. Their immunity to magic of all forms was the final push it took to break the already strained forces. This war took twenty years to finally draw to a close.

Order of Inkog

In the name of the mother of all creation, this order was formed to up hold her laws, and teachings. Younger than the empire of Drasil, by only five hundred years, their military strength is far past that of the elder nation. While calling Drasil its home, the order also has stations across the great dividing seas of the far East, in the dense forests to the West, and along the borders of the North. The order sends most recruits into the distant lands so to teach them the horrors of non believers first hand. Rejecting the teaching of the other gods, and goddesses, they attempt to spread their messages that others often considered to be twisted by man.

1 Uphold the name of the mother in the highest.
2 Destroy disorder that threatens the innocent.
3 Separate yourself from the world, and the evil that resides within.
4 If found guilty by the scales one is condemned by the mother herself.

Pride Wars

Sons of Korrus

Spell Breakers

Tears of Inkog

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